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Private Medical Insurance

Whether we admit it or not, our health is our most important asset.

It’s been said that ‘without our health, we have nothing’ Although that’s not strictly true, there’s no question that ill health can have an impact on the choices we make and place restrictions on what we do.

The National Health Service (NHS) is something that the United Kingdom should be proud of. However, in recent years, the NHS has come under increasing pressure.

This has led to longer waiting times and resulted in some questioning the quality of care being offered.

This is where Private Medical Insurance could help.


What Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) offers additional benefits and peace of mind.

With PMI, you can access faster medical care, specialise consultations and state of the art treatments, all in the comfort of private hospitals and clinics.


Key Features of Private Medical Insurance

1. Tailored Coverage 

PMI plans can be tailored to meet each individual’s needs and budget. As with most insurance, policies range from basic to fully comprehensive.

2. Faster Access to Treatments  

Avoid NHS waiting lists and access medical care when you need it the most.

3. Comprehensive Cover 

Additional cover options including hospital stays, diagnostic tests, surgeries and outpatient treatments.

4. Choice of Hospitals and Specialists

Depending on the option selected, you have the flexibility to choose from a wide network of hospitals

5. Additional Benefits

Depending on your chosen plan, you could also benefit from additional perks such as support with mental health, dental cover and help with holistic health and well-being.

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