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Business Protection

Many businesses have commercial insurance in place. However relatively few cover the biggest financial threat to the business – the loss of people that are key to its success.

Business Protection insures against this risk and makes the business more financially resilient should the worst a happen.

It forms an important part of Business Continuity Planning and protects the current and future financial plans for the business.

Business Protection – Made Easy

In simple terms, Business Protection plans are made up of what are essentially every day insurance products such as –

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection

These are re-purposed to create products such as –

  • Shareholder Protection
  • Key Person Cover
  • Debt Cover

These help the business –

  • Protect ownership and control
  • Protect protect profit
  • Repay and/or service debt

In the event of a claim, the business will receive a much needed cash injection to minimise any disruption.

This could be used to protect profit, cover the costs of finding a replacement / locum or repay outstanding debts.

Business Protection – Employee Benefits

There are also some policies which are treated as employee benefits.

Namely these are –

  • Relevant Life Plans (Life Cover)
  • Executive Income Protection (Sick Pay)

Premiums for these policies are paid for by the business and are usually  

  • Completely Tax Deductible for the company 
  • Not treated as a P11D Benefit in Kind for the employee. 

As these products are available to salaried employees, in many cases this can include the  Business Owners themselves.

This could therefore provide a tax efficient way for Business Owners to protect their income and their families without affecting their personal disposable income.

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