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Would you like a Pension Review?

When it comes to our retirement we all like peace of mind knowing that there will be enough money to live on and arguably, nothing could be more important.

There are of course many reputable pension schemes out there that are doing perfectly well for the individual concerned. Unfortunately, there are also many that are not.

An underperforming pension pot can leave you with much less in retirement than you expected. In addition, a pension scheme with high charges can see your retirement savings greatly reduced. A pension scheme that doesn’t allow you the access as and when you expect it can give you much anxiety.

We find that many of our clients have good intentions and the idea of “reviewing my pension” is on their “to do” list for months (sometimes years) but never seem to have the time or expertise to take on the task themselves. We fully appreciate this and that is why we offer a free* pension review conducted by fully qualified Independent Financial Advisers designed to tell you both what is working well and equally what may be improved upon.

With your authority, we will approach your existing provider, gather all the details, analyse your situation and then provide you with a full update and report if required. Our advisers also have the ability to review your existing savings and investments plans.

The advisers of Elm Financial Management Ltd are based in our office and are on hand to answer any questions you have.

*No charge for initial consultation and no obligation

The content of these news articles is for information purposes only and does not constitute as financial advice

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