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Thinking of Re-Mortgaging?

With re-mortgage borrowing levels being recorded as the highest since 2008* – this is evidence that consumers are becoming more confident in the mortgage market and taking action to reap the benefits from the continuing low rates.

House prices have continued to rise (albeit slowly) but this is normal behaviour for the turn of the new year. You will start to notice house prices rise and this in effect can be a good opportunity to release equity to carry out any home improvements or clear those unwanted Christmas Debts.

You can check the value of your house here:

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Home owners are taking it upon themselves to boost their house price even further by converting front gardens to allow for additional parking. With many households owning more than 1 vehicle, off road parking is desirable. Figures show rates for dropped kerb applications also increased between 2013-2015**.

Lenders are still remaining competitive and trying to win your business – with the inclusion of cashbacks, free legal costs and free valuation – the upfront costs of a re-mortgage can be minimal.

With the Bank of England reporting that rates could go either way later on in the year – we have seen a number of clients wanting to secure a low rate for a longer period to take advantage of the stability of monthly payments while still utilising the equity they hold within their property.

If you or anybody you know would like further information on re-mortgaging, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 772 0672 or email us with your enquiry on: info@easystreet.co.uk in the first instance.

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